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This is a more advanced move I do with my regulars. I hope you like it! Feel free to email me with any questions/comments.

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** Kick-knee-hopturn: I break this down by doing a kick, then a hop turn. A kick-knee hop turn is the same thing, except instead of tapping the foot to the floor after the kick, you do a knee. It's just to add more power.

** Hip hop: I break this down by doing a straddle with a knee off the (same) side. For example, if you start on the right side, straddle down, the knee will come off the right side. A hip hop is the same thing, with power. First 4 counts are a straddle, then hop up on the bench, knee up, and off the side.

** Double knee hop: I break this one down by doing a double knee, march for 4. Then go to a double knee, march around the back of the bench for 4 (for those who want lower impact, keep them with this.) A double knee hop is like a double knee over the top, except with power.

** 2 Across the top: To make this advance, do a revolving door instead. That is a hope turn across the long end of the bench.

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