Super Sets

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 3689)

Upper Body Workout:

Pectoralis Major! otherwise known as pects or whatever

Rhomboids! I just call it that. Upper back maybe

Pectoralis major:

This workout can be done in the weight room or in the body sculpting class. If done for the later then please use an inclined step i.e. 3 risers on one side and 1 riser on the other. Head placed on the elevated (3 riser) side.

Exercise known as Flys. Weights? Yes and amount depends on what one is comfortable with.

Begin with both hands (with weights) placed horizontally. Now for the count of 4 bring your hands to the side making sure the elbows are always facing down. For the count of 4 bring the weights to the horizontal position making sure you bring them together using resistance and squeeze your pects.
1 set (8 repetitions)

Same as above but single count (8 repetions) 2 sets


Excercise known as rowing. Weights or tubing.

Tubing: From the outside of your shoes bring the tube sides (equal) to the front ; then circle once from center and pull it out from the sides!

Your are sitting on the step (2 risers on each side).

Back straight, Legs slightly bent at the knees. Feet flexed because the heels are on the floor. Now bring the ends of the tubing close to you (use 4 counts) and make sure you are bringing the tube close to the hips and bring your shoulder blades (back) close together! For the next 4 counts release it gently to the original position.
1 set (8 repetitions)

Same as above but single count: 2 sets (8 repetitions)

You are working your back here and not the chest therefore the shoulder blades or scapula has to be brought together at the back.

I call it super set because I alternate between the chest and back exercises. (1 set of chest exercise and 1 set of back exercise). This gives an opportunity for both kinds; the one who are working to build their endurance as well as those who want to build their strength.

It always helps to keep two sets of weights (heavy and light).

The more you resist when exercising the better results you see. So any exercise done for the count of 4 is more beneficial than single count. That is why I have said 2 sets of single counts and 1 set of 4 counts.

Personal experience: I use weight room a lot for muscle strengthening, and aerobics- step for cardio, endurance and fun!

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