Brasil (salsa)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 3702)

Step is horizontal

Combo 1 - 64 counts (verse)

Combo 2 - 32 counts (chorus)

Repeat starting left lead

Repeat Combo 1 left lead

Combo 3 - 32 counts (filler)

Hold/March for 4 counts

Repeat Combo 2 four times (alternating right & left lead)

* Shimmy- shaking shoulders

** Grapevine with a knee lift at the end, with the knee lift add a twist at the hip

*** Lift left knee to enter left side place foot on floor, shake pelvis and chest

**** Step left right knee lifts to step in front of the step lean forward turn (like a swivel) and exit facing to the front wall (step is in front of you)

Hi guys, my name is Mehma and I am writing this to all of you out there from India and I hope you enjoy this workout.

I am an Instructor with Biokinetix (Fitness Academy) and conduct classes at Pure Energy in Mumbai City.

This is a choreographed step to the song 'BRASIL' by the Vegaboys.

It involves salsa moves it can also be done as a regular class though it was put together as a 'chorus verse'.

Just put the whole thing together add your own attitude and enjoy yourselves as much as my class did.

Thanks, please do send me your comments on my choreography.

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From: Mumbai, Maharashtra (India)
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