Boxing Circuit

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 3705)

This is a circuit class I teach every so often in my Boxaerobics:

I divide the room into a Boxing side and Martial Arts side

Station 1: Jab-Jab-Hook

I set up signs(or balloons for more fun) at head and chest level on mirrors. Students are to aim for the targets with jabs and finish off with a strong hook. *The balloons need to be those big punchy ones.

Station 2:1-2 Punch (Jab-Cross Punch)

Students do the jab-cross punch facing the mirror working a speed comfortable for them. Have them focus on form. *Remember to pivot off that back foot when throwing that cross punch. Don't forget to change sides.

Station 3: Ducks with Upper Cuts

Set up a line (tubing,or rope) chest high: I use the step risers to help set up a ducking line. I pile 2 stacks of risers chest height about 10 feet apart. I then wrap our tubing around risers.(you gotta use a few tubes.) Students duck the line and come up on one side of line with a upper cut. Then they do the same to other side. The students move down the line this way: ducking the line and upper cuts on side of line.

Station 4: Shadow Boxing

(We don't have any equipment yet.) I have students wear boxing gloves (I don't have bags, but I have gloves...go figure) and pratice their punches. Let them explore different combos. Again, focus on form.

Station 5: Kick/Knee Up

Students kick then bring knee up in a defense move. This can be done facing mirror: front kick-side knee(as if you're going to do a roundhouse kick). Or they can turn to the side: side kick-side knee. Don't forget to change legs.

Station 6: Knee-Knee-Kick (Tae Bo)

Students face mirror. They bring right knee across body twice. Then they end with right side kick.(Make that side kick strong). Don't forget to change legs.

Station 7: Squat-Kick

Students can face mirror or side facing. Start in squat and kick toward mirror. This is great leg work. Have students go slow.

Station 8: Shadow Kicking

Students can pratice any kicks or combos they want. Have students focus on form.

I use Power Productions' Sports Conditioning Tape. It has 2 minute intervals and the music is pumping! This is a great class because you can spend more time actually get students to focus on form. You actually teach more than do. Sometimes, I have students come in middle of room between stations and we do little boxing/kicking combos intervals

Hope ya enjoy it. The club I teach at, doesn't have much equipment (but soon, we'll get some) so this circuit works really well. But you can modify and use equipment in stations.

"Knock 'Em Down" Brown..My fighting name :)

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From: Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA)
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