8 Count & Switch

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 3735)

8 count & switch. It can be any numbers and switch. I count the beats on the right foot in the down position of the pedal stroke. I switch to the next riding position on the left foot. I use a tension that is moderate so I can stay with the slow heavy beat. The tension also facilitates standing with control.

1st 8 count: Seated basic riding position. This is sitting fairly upright with hands resting on cross bar next to stem.

2nd 8 count position: After the 8th stroke with the right leg on the beat, I begin to shift to my next riding position. As my right foot comes back to the right foot down position, I'm in the new position. This is the same for every position change after the designated number of revolutions. So the 2nd position is Seated Aero position. (Keiser teachers call it Seated agressive position) Hand grasped out at the ends of the bars, & torso down low as if your ducking down from a huge headwind.

3rd 8 count: Standing agressive. Same grip and torso position. Only difference is your rear comes up, not forward! Raise up only a couple of inches. If your weight is over seat you'll not be bearing your weight on your arms. As your class tires they'll want to raise up and move foreward. Keep the weight over the pedals.

4th 8 count: Standing, hands can stay where they are. (Ideally they shift down to the bend in the bar where the bar inclines up into a 45 degree angle.) Have everyone raise the upper body from a low to flat aero position, up to a 45 degree position. Keiser calls this a "Standing Hook Position" (Can you guess where I got certified?)

5th 8 count: Standing. Move hands to the basic positon like first position. Now move the torso to a vertical position. In this position to be in a vertical posture you'll need to move hips forward

Repeat the positions. To mix it up raise the tension with each cycle. Also do one as an 8 count next 4 count. Then challenge the class. One cycle 6 count 4 count then a 2 count. BUT no queing. We'll start together. See if you can keep to the beat and pattern with me as we decrease the counts.

I got a flattering bunch of email. I'm trying to learn how to do mass response so I can get back to your questions. I'll submit a new drill each week. Call me if you need clarification.

God Bless in the Season of Giving!

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