Kim W's Dec Double Vertical Step

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 3748)

Steps are placed side-by-side in a vertical position, 3 feet between steps. Left step will be #1, right step, #2. Start is at left of #1 step, right lead. Explanations for unfamiliar terms is at end.

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

Block #5

Block #6

Ready to repeat from Block #1 on outside of #2 step, left lead. Advanced patterns, I taught it in four blocks, then added the next two during the following two classes--routine moves a lot, but fun.

Inside loop: turn, switch steps, turn switch steps, like a big circle, end and begin on same step.

Hop turn, walk out to end: this is a hop turn to back of room and do not tap down, continue walking on floor around end of next step, then past outside of that step to the opposite end facing the other wall--like a 1/2 of a circle around the next step (not the step you hop turned on), please email if confusing.

Turn with center lunge: 1/2 of a turnstep, lunge back X 2, finish turnstep.

Inside turn: similar to a loop, just don't finish the loop, turn, switch steps, turn, tap down.

Corner to corner, walk X 2, pivot, walk back X 2: do a corner to corner and continue forward, walking X 2 on floor, then do a 1/2 a pivot back and walk back X 2 to inside (center of both steps), of the step you just left.

Ham straddle, ham turn: do a regular ham, then straddle step, do another ham and instead of straddling or tapping down, turn on floor so you are facing front of room.

Chug-a-lug: like a push step, push step X 3 moving forward on step, turn on floor, tap down with foot nearest step (inside foot).

Take a hike: one step forward on floor, another step on floor, then a shuffle (or ball change), this will change leads and allow you to be on the correct foot for the next step.

Cross-repeater: an 8-count repeater. Step inside foot on step, take opposite foot and lift like a knee lift and tap it down on top of step in front of other foot, lift knee again and tap it down to floor, lift knee again and exit to floor.

Kick, walk out: kick on step, back up on floor X 3 steps, lift right knee and walk back X 2 to step you just left.

Party: this is two hamstring curls on one step, turning as you do the ham curls, then exiting to floor in center of both, facing back of room.

Corner to corner, rock out: Do a regular corner to corner, but do not tap down, ham foot on top of step, step on top of step, lift opposite knee, then switch steps. EXAMPLE: right foot up, going to corner, then left foot, right foot steps down to floor, curl left leg on top of step, left leg steps on top of step, lift right knee, then switch steps, the next step, windmill will start on the outside of the next step, first hop turn of windmill facing back of room.

Windmill: hop turn on outside of step, do not tap down, using opposite foot of first hop turn, hop turn back to other side (will be in center of both steps facing front of room).

1/2 Tempo Jack: take both feet out like a regular jumping jack, squat and hold X 2 counts, bring both feet back together and hold X 2 counts, then you can do your clap X 2 counts.

Just email if you have any questions--enjoy!

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From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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