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We live in an area of exceptional road riding through apple, cherry, peach, etc. orchards. The riding is moderately hilly with awesome views of surrounding foothills and the Cascade Mountain Range. Oh yeah, the orchard dogs run loose and seem to all have a healthy appetite for lycra. Go figure.

For a fun and challenging pattern try to download or record sound bites of a barking dog. Not a weener dog but a HUGE mean ravenous Orchard beast. Record the sounds so you have a 15 to 30 second dog attack every 60 to 90 seconds throughout this pattern. This pattern can last however long you wish. Use this tape in a Boom Box in addition to your music that you play in your class.

For visualization, go on your road ride in a relaxed pace until the group starts to hear the dog coming. At that point it is an all out, out of the saddle adrenalin sprint to out-run the beast. You can do short climbs, descents, flats, etc. It is fun to mix it up in terms of terrain but the constant is the sound. It needs to be loud and terrifying and when it comes everyone gives whatever they have, recovered or not!

You can also keep that tape playing throughout the entire class. The class may be involved in isolated leg training mid way through the class, but when they hear the dog coming it is time to sprint. It will come as a total surprise and the same rules apply.

P.S. I sort of borrowed a portion of this pattern from another instructor in our indoor cycling program. His name is Jason just in case he sees this.

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From: Wenatchee, Washington (USA)
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