Here Ya Go, Erin (beginner)

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Had a request for beginner's class choreography, so here goes:
Horizontal step From here, if there's time, you can go to a T-step, or a straddle pattern. By the end of class, they've learned, tap down and switch, V-step, turnstep, knees, side legs, glute lifts, repeaters, over the top, and maybe T-steps.

This is a pattern I've been using for beginners for awhile. I find it can be made more challenging for more advanced participants by adding some power. I like to yell "Hi-YA!" on the karate kick. I tell them near the end that we're going to keep going until the front desk can hear them yelling "HI-YA!" Beginners can be so SERIOUS, I think it's important to get them to have a little fun!

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From: Chesapeake City, Maryland (USA)
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