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Step is horizontal, right lead.

This is the time of year that instructors will begin to see lots of "new year resolution" students, most of whom will have trouble discerning right foot from left! This is a routine that can be powered up, powered down, and option-ized for the front row advanced who are easily bored with basic classes but show up anyway! Following is the finished combination...the moves are pretty basic, but remember to take the time to teach it slowly so your class moves safely and wit confidence. Note: In this combination I have used a lot of jumping jacks and jumpshots. The jacks could be substituted with side steps, if you need to lessen the impact. The jumpshots could be changed to karate kicks or leg curls or whatever...I try to use the same few steps repeatedly during a beginner combo, so that the students don't feel so overwhelmed. If I changed the jumpshots in this combo to leg curls, for instance, I'd replace all of the jumpshots with leg curls, not just some of them. After the new guys have been around for a while, it's okay to mix up the choreography a little, but in the first few weeks, let them build their repertoire of moves and the names we give them, slowly. This isn't the time to dazzle them...the decision to stick with a healthy lifestyle is largely in the hands of the instructor, and you can make their first exercise experience wonderful. Have fun!

Part One

Repeat combo, left lead.

Part Two

Repeater "home" (back of step), (8 counts)

Repeat other lead

Part Three

Repeat other lead

Part Four

Repeat other lead

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