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Step is vertical, and starting position is on the left side of the step, facing front:
All combos alternate leads

Combo 1:

Combo 2:

Repeat Combo 2 left lead

Combo 3:

Repeat Combo 3 left lead

Teach combo 1, 2, and 3 with alternating leads, then splice them together, i.e. Combo 1 right lead, Combo 2 left lead, Combo 3 right lead, Combo 1 left lead, Combo 2 right lead, and Combo 3 left lead...
Have fun and remember breakdown is the key to success!!!

Combo 1 breakdown:
Teach the first 3 moves (16 count) alternating the leads. First perform 2 basic kicks with lunge backs or tap downs, then show the modification for the kick, cha cha cha, kick.

Perform the lst 16 count block, the turnstep, then add in 3 over the tops...then teach the squat, repeater and layer that in for the 3 over the tops.

Combo 2 Breakdown:
First take them to alternating reverse L-steps off the back end. Then add in the single lunges. Then add 4 over the tops after the 16 count block and then layer in the double knee, straddle...stuff.

Combo 3 Breakdown:
Alternate single hamstring curls, then add repeater curls...take to single, single, repeater...Then take the repeater so it ends up on the front end facing the side of the room. Add the across the tops, give a modification of grapevines vs. the across the top, then take the knee off the end facing front. Lastly, show them how they can rotate the repeater curl by powering the repeater and pivoting in the air...make sure the class is advanced enough before you try the 360 rotation..

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From: Crystal Lake, Illinois (USA)
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