Spring Training

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*I used this for my CardioTone class. This a tough workout-only the strong survive ;)

Start with a basic warm up and stretch.
Interval 1-Reverse Lunge with Biceps Curl: Step 2-3 feet back with your right leg and bend left leg, keeping knee over ankle. Simultaneously flex your biceps and slowly curl forearms up. Return to starting position and repeat 10 times with each leg.
*Alternatives: You can do forward lunges or dips (if participants have knee problems). You can also add light weights to biceps curls.

Cardio Activity: Do a simple hi/lo aeobics combo for 5 minutes. Any type of cardio activity to get heart rate up. You can also do a simple step routine.

Interval 2-Anaerobic Agility-Builder: Play hopscotch. I usually do left hop forward for 3; jump out for 1 and left hop forward for 2; jump out for 1; then reverse: right hop back for 3; jump out for 1 and right hop back for 3. Just imagine playing hopscotch. Bound from foot to foot. Keep them moving. Do this drill for 3 minutes.

Cardio Activity: 5 more minutes of basic cardio. Step or hi/lo combos. Just keep it simple and fairly slow. This is a slight recovery phase here.

Interval 3: Back Extension with Twist: Lay on a step or floor, lying facedown, hands under forehead, palms down. Slowly raise head, upper body and arms so that chest comes off the bench (floor). Twist torso to right until left elbow touches the bench. Return to starting position and reverse. Do 20 repetitions.
*Now, I have some know of some concerns of going to the floor so fast. (Dizziness, etc) I let people do bent over row with light weights. Same muscle work just different position.

Cardio Activity: 5 minutes of moderate cardio activity. You can step, or hi/lo aerobics. Keep it fairly simple and moderate.

Interval 4: Balance Circles: Sprint 5 yards, then bend down and touch your left hand to the ground. Keeping hand in place, run a circle around it. Stand up and sprint another 5 yards. Touch your right hand to the ground and run a circle around it. Continue for 3 minutes. *I usually have participants do circles around a step (that we use for cardio portions). I have them run the sprint to neighbor's step.

Interval 5: Diamond Push Ups: Use a wall, place hands on the wall so that thumbs and index fingers almost touch each other (making a diamond shape). Keep you back flat, abs tight and hips down. Lower your upper body until chest nearly touches the wall. Do 10-15 repetitions.

Cardio Activity: 5 minutes of moderate cardio activity.

Interval 6- Lateral Hop: (Or Skater's/Skier's jump) Hop to right by firmly pushing left foot. Land with knees soft and immediately hop to the left by pushing off with your right foot. Be sure to land softly. Do for a total of 2-3 minutes.

Interval 7-Triceps Dips: Stand with back to step, hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart and behind you. Walk feet out about 36 inches; cross right leg over left knee. Slowly lower body until elbows are bent at 90 degrees. Repeat 10-15 and switch legs for another 10-15.

Interval 8-Bench Kick out: Sit on the edge of step, use hand for support. Keeping back straight and abs tight, inhale as you pull knees into chest. Exhale as you point toes and kick legs out higher than hip level. do 10-15 reps.
*Personally I hate this one. I have some concerns about kick outs. So, I do wall crunches. Standing against wall, (arms behind head) slowly curl/crunch upper body to thighs. Just like regular crunches only standing up.

Cool Down...

This is a VERY intense workout. I recommend it only for advanced participants who like a change of pace. The time amounts and repetitions are guidelines. I usually use Sports Conditioning tape, which has cues every 2 minutes. So I usually do 4 minutes of cardio and 2 minutes of the intervals. But I have taught this class in 45 minutes, just doing 2 minutes of everything.

Any questions?.. No!, then let's get it on..

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