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These combos maintain orientation within the room (begin and end on the same side of the bench), and work really well with a transition combo which will automatically reverse the lead leg, and an orientation combo, which will change your positioning by 180 degrees. Check out Step on this! and Step on this, too! if you'd like to try them.

Combo I:


Lunge over 2/straddle down:

Knee over and back:

Reverse turn/basic:

Combo II:


Curb step, aka mambo combo is based on rocking motion:

Now add forward movement on beats 1-4, move back on the bench on beats 5-8

Abduct x 2:

6 point turn:

Rock/step kick/scissors is a variation of a 3 repeater Charleston.

A hint when breaking it down: Use a step kick Charleston 3 repeater, then go to a 2 repeater (low impact) option; left foot on floor on beat 5, right foot taps in on 6, to the side on 7, and back in on 8. It goes right into the higher impact scissors, and the rock on beats 1-2 can replace the first step kick. I break it down this way so that everyone has an option. A few people do the full rock/step kick/scissors option, but most of the rest do it somewhere in between.

Combo III:


Knee straddle/over the bench:

Walk around the bench:

Patty-cake squat:

Mambo/pivot turn:

I apologize if some of the breakdown is long and the moves may seem complicated, but hopefully I've explained them well and they'll be of use to you, because they're really fun to do!

Email me with any questions or comments!

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