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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 1975)

Step is horizontal; right lead; I never use taps on the floor except where indicated. All combos are self-reversing. And very advanced! Enjoy!


6-count mambo:

This is followed by a three-knee repeater from the top, right foot stationary, left foot doing the work, then down down left-right. This puts you ready for the next part on your left lead.

1-Knee skate:
To left corner step right foot up and lift left knee. When you come down, step left and lift the right knee, then step right and lift the left knee. That's the "skate" part. Make this a BIG movement! This is 6 counts, so immediately go into the...

Leading left, go up up like you are going over the top, but when you step down, put your left foot on the floor (facing the step and the back of the room) and lift your right knee, then step your right foot on the floor and lift your left knee. This is the "skate" part. This is 6 counts. When mixed with the 1-knee skate, you have 12 counts, so continue on to an over the top (4 counts), left lead, for a complete 16 count move.

Repeater hold:
Facing the left corner, step right foot onto step and do two repeater knees (counts 1-4). On count five, the left foot is on the floor and the right foot is on top of the step. Hold this position for count six, then quickly reverse the foot positions for counts 7 & 8 (your left foot is on the step and your right foot is on the floor on the OTHER side of the step). You make the switch on count 7 and hold on count 8. Then mambo on the floor, left lead, and walk around the end of the step you are facing, in four counts. This puts on the home side, ready for the turn-straddle-stomps, left lead then right. That move is next...

Turn straddle mambo:
Facing the right wall, the step is on your left. Do a turnstep and straddle down, then mambo off the side of the step. The mambo is as follows: put your left foot on the step and lift the right foot up a little (counts 5 & 6), then rock back on the left leg...you aren't straddling now, and step forward again on the right. Repeat the turn straddle mambo again, which brings you back to where you started.

You've just done a right lead knee lift off the end of the step, and are facing the right wall. Leading LEFT, step up and lift your right knee (counts 1 & 2), then step forward on top with your right leg (count 3) and rock back on the left foot (count 4). End the move with three alternating lunges straddling - begin with the right leg - and land on the front (or mirror) side of the step, left-right. Be sure to face the back of the room as you come down. You'll finish this move with a complete L step (or W, whichever you call it), left lead and then right.

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