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I use this routine regulary with my Intro to Step class. It seems to go over really well, even for the people who come back week after week (who actually aren't beginners anymore, but they prefer the lo-keyed, simple choreography of this class).


This combination is usually taught first, due to the participants that have never taken step before, it gives me the opportunity to explain each step, the proper execution of that step and it gives them the opportunity to learn the cues. Then I start the combination, usually with everything doubled up (basic right 4x, turn 4x, etc.)



Repeat combination again, both right and left lead
I save this for last, usually because it throws them off when they have to face the back of the room, but after a few runs through, they are confident and can perform it quite well. We take it from the top a couple of times, class is only 45 minutes long. Even the newest member in class can accomplish this routine and usually have it somewhat mastered in 3 or 4 weeks (I only teach this class on Saturday mornings).

To any of you who get to teach a beginner class, I hope you are able to use this material. Speaking of this material, some of it is material that I have printed out from the site, I have made modifications to them for use in my beginners class. The class is usually surprised when I tell them that they just executed combinatins that I use in my advanced classes, only modified v ersions. It gives them a boost of confidence!

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