Leg burners

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 2031)

This is a conditioning pattern.

For best results use a step platform, although this is not absolutely crucial. It just adds extra resistance. The moves are fairly basic, but put together and repeated - BURN !

Starting position:
Stand at the narrow end of the bench, facing forward, feet are shoulder width apart (more if able), back straight and abs tucked in.

  1. One foot flat on bench, squat down, pulling the adductors as you come up 15 reps
  2. As above but with the heel of the foot on the bench raised so that you are balancing on the ball of the foot 15 reps
  3. Again as above, but the foot on the bench is flat, the heel of the foot on the floor is raised 15 reps
  4. As you go down both feet are flat. As you come up raise both heels, finish off by flattening the feet again - need balance for this one!
  5. Slightly different position: Facing in towards the bench. Place one foot on the bench, ankle and knee parallel, the back leg is slightly out behind. Push the hips forward (watch the back) and bend the back knee. Lunge down the middle and come back up 15 reps
Repeat this pattern again and then do the other leg.

My classes like this one as they can see the muscles working and can certainly feel that they are ! Let me know how you get on.

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