QUADzilla Mambo

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 2034)

Bench is horizontal. Mambo can be done on the bench, but to really work the quads, take it to a straddle mambo and back. Like stepping over the bench but not going all the way over. Push off the floor between each mambo. Use strong arms too!!! 64 count. Repeat left lead.

Great combo to use with your own. It changes direction alot. To show the mambo straddle, keep it on the bench 4 times each leg, then switch to 1 on, 1 straddle, 1 on, 1 straddle, ball change to left lead, repeat 4 times on left, then reduce 2 each then 1 each leg, with ball change in between.

Then introduce combo. Members love this, it really does work quads and inner thigh. Great combo for a step and sculpt class too!!! Have fun!!!!

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