Hot Steppin'

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Yes!! Although hi/low is my love, I do teach step too! Variety is the spice of life...yes? Have a great day---

Step is horizontal

There you are on the left lead ready to do it again with the other leg!!!!

To break it down-usually I start with turnsteps then march them on the floor facing the left wall--the next time I have them walk it up and back. After the mambo and pivet the first time I have them squat it on the bench until they have themselves oreinted then I take it to an over the top.

*In this combo, the reverse V-step you will be facing the side wall.

A reverse V-step : IF you are going over the top with your right foot leading, the LEFT foot goes on the bench first, you turn towards the front of room and then put your RIGHT foot on the bench and continue the turn until you are facing the right side of the room and tap up and down. Sorry if this is confusing but try it out - it's really fun!!!!

Please email me with questions and remember-JUST BECAUSE I PUT A STEP COMBO ON HERE DOESNT MEAN I LIKE IT AS MUCH AS FLOOR!! HA HA Enjoy!!!!!!!

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