Hilo Down Under #2

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 2058)

Block 1

This is a 64 count block start right leg lead then do block 2 start left leg lead

Block 2

You're still on your left leg lead start block 3

Block 3

You are now ready to start block 1 left leg lead, 6x curls ...

If you have enough time add in the following 32 count block

Scooters explained - This is how I would teach them in my class.

Now start to add travel to the jogs - lateral travel to side of room and add the step touches, repeat to the left side .
Once you have established travel side to side you will notice that your legs will slightly change from a standard jog because of the sideways travel.
Example: Travel scooter to the right side - your left leg becomes like a side raise and the right leg almost becomes a curl, you are still tapping the ground like a jog. If you experiment to music you should be able to get it. Wouldn't a visual preview be great.

Further explanation to Scooters:
Once youv'e established scooters, do 4 across, say to the right, then step touch to the right. Layer change the step touch to a 4 knee repeater.

I hear down here in Australia you're getting Michelle Dean to your IDEA convention, you are very lucky. She is absolutly amazing, you must do her workshop.

If the Scooters spook you just don't do them, the pattern works well without them. My class loves them, but I only give it to them every month or so

Hope you work it out, cheers from down here in Tassie. Please keep the hilo routines coming I need the inspiration .


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