More Multiples!

This is a Quad Step pattern from (pattern 2789)

Each combination is 32 counts, each line is 8 counts

Combo I:

Repeats with right lead on Red

Combo II:

Repeats with right on Jail

Combo III:

Repeats with right lead on Red

Combo IV:

Repeats with left lead on Green

Combo V:

Repeats on same bench with same lead

Many thanks to Lou Gardner for input and correspondence regarding Multiple Step. The things I learned are AWESOME.

Basic format:

(front or room)
Home       Red

Jail      Green
All my combinations begin facing the front of the room in between Home and Jail with left lead.

Modified figure 8 :
(left) turnstep on Home, step-ball-change to Green and (right) turn to Red (8 counts)

Alternating knees, hams, glutes, or whatever...between H/J or R/G... 8 counts

Alternating knees, hams, glutes, or whatever...between H/R or J/G...8 counts

Hop-turn to opposite side (4 counts), hop-turn back (4 counts), maintains lead

Lunge over:
Lunge up and to each side, exit to the outside of formation IMPORTANT: you exit this move on the opposite side of the bench from where you started. (8 counts)

Diagonal super:
Begins at outside corner of formation, crossing H/G or R/J diagonally in 8 counts. This is sometimes called double diagonal.

Big T:
3 Alternating knees to change lead. When performed all together it's 16 counts and loosely resembles a T, sometimes called travelling L, but here it's only 8 counts

Double turn with straddle:
Left lead from Home, turn but keep moving right to Red to complete, end with a straddle at the end of Red (8 counts) Other terminology is long turn.

Shuffle turn:
1&2 3 4, 5&6 7 8 performed on one bench only. Up-down-up down down, up-down-up down down. left/right/left-right-left, right/left/right-left-right

Ping pong:
See above

Turning V:
Turn with no tap to bench behind...8 counts Also called a turn with switches

Double turn with tap:
See above, except tap down at Red instead of ending with straddle

Curb step:
(establish rocking motion be teaching mambo first) left foot up on 1, right foot on floor on 2, left foot rocks to opposite side of bench on 3, right foot stays in place, left foot on bench on 5, right foot stays in place on 6, left foot crosses behind right on 7, right foot stays in place on 8. Sometimes called a mambo combo or a high/low. I've been calling in "high/low" lately because of the difficulty in understanding the difference in "curb" and "turn"...they sound too much alike.

Pivot turn/turnstep:
Pivot turning away from bench (1-4) into a turnstep (5-8). If you're familiar with revolving door, it has a similar flavor without the reverse turn.

1/2 pivot/diagonal walk to right:
From Jail facing AWAY from formation with left lead, begin pivot turn (1-2) but stay walking toward Red (3-4), then single turn on Red (5-8) (still left lead) to end up at Green.

6 point turn:
Syncopated turn. up-up-down up-up-down down-down. Notice the phrasing 1-2-3 4-5-6 7-8. Perform left/right/left/right/left/right/left/right. Takes the place of two turns, stays on one bench.

3 knees over:
1: left foot up, 2: right knee up and crossing over to opposite side, 3: right foot touches down, 4: right knee up crossing toward original side, 5: right foot touches down, 6: right knee up crossing toward opposite side, 7: right foot down, 8: left foot down. IMPORTANT: you exit this move on the opposite side of the bench from where you started.

Mambo chasse-shuffle around:
Starting from outside of Home, 1: right foot up, 2: left foot down (1st 2 counts of mambo only) 3&4: turning toward the right, shuffle, 5&6: shuffle toward the right again and ready to approach Home from ORIGINAL position.

Turning V = see above

I hope you have as much fun with Multiple Step as I do! Email me with any questions or comments.


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