One Tough Work-out

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Hello again. I've been teaching a Cardio-Kickboxing class called "Bally Boxing" and so far, I've had a great turn-out with this "Tough Work-out". I hope you enjoy it and please tell me what you think.

We begin:

5 minutes
Punching practice. No music. (Everyone in fighting positions)

5 minutes
Warm-up. Turn the music on if you wish.
(I recommend focusing on getting a good stretch. Try warming up Athletic vs. Aerobic's if you find it hard keeping time with the music.)

10 - 15 minutes
Punching combos. I don't use any music here either. I find that the music affects punching speeds.

* I yell out these combos one by one. They love it.
* I have them punch from their lefts sides first. Non-stop. Then, we switch to our right sides. No need to shuffle around, we maintain a steady heart-rate with this exercise.

5 minutes
Anaerobic "jump-rope" exercise. You don't have ropes?!?, PRETEND!! 2x 45 sec. for each exercies.

* Remember to keep moving during recovery period which should only last 15 to 20 seconds.

15 - 20 minutes
Choreography time!!!
(I recommend good, strong beat-based music. I like PowerMusic's Best of Classic Rock)
Start of marching (wide, double it up) 32 count

Add: 2x Step kicks (step with inside leg. Like doing charleston)
2x = 32 counts
* Step knee strikes (Best way to explain it: Like using the bench corner to corner.)
Add: 2 then 3 repeater knee's

Keep it up as long as you like, it's a fun drill.

* Plyometric Move (anyone of your choice)

Add: Right arm swing (block). Going back, left arm swing (block)

Repeat the whole thing again if you wish.

The last 15 minutes is different every class. (examples)

And there you have it. Please email me with any questions. I'd love to hear from you.


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