Florida Fun!

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 2873)

1st Combo:

Repeat combo on left lead

2nd Combo:

For second combo: (You start off facing left wall, right foot is closest to step)

*Indian March...I actually cue this as stomp the step, or pump it up. Right foot stomps on step, left on floor,right stomps on step,left on floor, then go over the top. So all together, with the over the top, it is 8 counts.

** Jumprope on step with 1 jack on floor: approaching step as if to do a basic right, come up with a double hop on right foot (on step) then double hop on left, exit off, 1 Jack on floor.

This combination is really fun...kind of hard to explain though. I always get a lot of compliments about this combination, especially, from other instructors that visit my class! Email me with any questions!

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From: Atlantic Beach, Florida (USA)
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