Big Moves For All

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 2909)

Combo #1

(Repeat on the left lead)
(On last jacks, turn so your right foot is at the side of your step)

Combo #2

(Repeat on other side, left lead)

Combo #3

(Still standing to the side of the step) (Repeat on left side)

Combo #4

(Still standing to the side of the step) (Repeat on the left side)

This is good for all levels because the choreography is not too difficult, yet there are many places to add power.

*Original Reebok L-step = standing to the side of the step, you hop up on the step, then turn to the right so you are now on the end of the step ready to go across the top. When on the left lead, you hop left. Face side, face front. It's really easy.

I usually put drills in between each pattern such as power squats over the top, lunges, quick feet- anything to get the heart rate up without choreography. I teach one pattern, add a drill, do a new pattern, do first and second pattern, new drill, etc.

You run the basics, run or jump the V-steps, change the 3 knee repeater to something more complicated...

Have fun!

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From: Merrimack, New Hampshire (USA)
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