Abs of "Gold" I Can't Infringe On Tami Lees "Steel" Title :-)

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 2911)

Here's a favorite in my Ab Lab class! They love it--so they tell me! It's a tough ab routine, but really challenges my class :-) So here we go!

Begin lying flat with knees pulled in - feet on floor/shoulder width apart - the basic sit up position. Of course your basic drill "belly buttons to the mat", "small pelvic tilt" and remember to breath!! Exhale on contraction up and inhale as coming back to mat:-) "fingers lightly supporting neck", "elbows stay back" :-)

AAARGGHH - Did anybody feel the burn? :-)

This routine works them hard--we usually are not in the contracted position for such a long period - 24 counts!!

Please let me know if you try this in class and give me your classes feedback! My classes are usually groaning by the end of the routine! But very happy of course! They could feel the "burn"!! I constantly am cueing to "breathe"--it's easy to hold your breath in this routine!

Thanks to everybody who's part of this website--and my classes thank you too! Always asking--"where did you get that move or routine from?! We love it!" :-)

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From: Golds Gym, Olympia, Washington (USA)
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