It's a Golds Thing (Part 2)

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Bench is horizontal This should put you on the front of bench - facing the back of the room, ready to begin with the left lead turnstep and repeat from other side!

**Peg leg straddle--in this routine the first set of peg leg straddles begins with the left lead. Left foot on bench (count 1) right foot stays on floor (count 2) left foot straddles bench (count 3), right foot stays on floor (count 4)
I've seen this move called a curb walk, stomp walk - email me if this one is tricky :-) I always explain a peg leg is like a march - with 1 foot on the bench, and 1 foot on the floor - remember intensity - lift those knees and straddle down low to work those quads!!

**Also to add intensity - on the 2 abductions moving back, you can add a "hop turn" to the other side of bench and returning back to position to begin the peg leg straddles. Remember to unload the knee:-)

Remember to break down as needed to teach! This routine has a total count of 64!! My classes love this one! Hope yours do too! I'd love to hear from anybody who has tried this--or needs any explanation:-)

**Tell your class to add some "attitude" on the march or hop back portion of the routine--shimmy shakes etc.

Thanks to all once again! :-)

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From: Golds Gym, Olympia, Washington (USA)
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