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THAT'S IT! Now you're ready to start from the top on a left lead. Of course, I teach one pattern at a time, right and left, before going on to the next one, but the whole thing is fun if you can get through it. I did it Monday night in a one-hour class, and it worked well.

Now for the explanations:

Double knee kick over = from the front, do a double knee repeater (counts 1-4) but don't touch the floor after the second knee. Instead, step onto the step with the leg (5) that was repeating (which is the front leg), kick with the back leg (6), then step off the back of the step (7-8).

T-step pivot = just add a pivot turn into the middle of your T-step. So you do a knee off the tip, pivot, finish the T off the opposite side.

Boomerang = facing the front but at the tip, go up up on top, lunge behind or double knee with the lead leg, push off to go back where you started. Anyone who does not want the little hop that accompanies the push off can do 2 shuffles.

Double dip = got this one off -- thanks! From a side approach, go up up, squat off the opposite side for 2 counts (I actually had them pulse twice), then push off the step and go across to end up where you started. So it's up up counts 1 and 2, squat or shotgun pulse 3 and 4, pulse again 5 and 6, but on 6 you have to push yourself back onto the step, off off the same side you started on 7 and 8. If they don't like this, they can do 2 across the top.


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