Walkin' in AZ

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 2747)

Walkin' in AZ

This combination changes lead.

Repeat with opposite lead

Performance notes:

Bench is vertical, bench is to your right, you are facing left wall.

Teach first as written with hustle forward and back in place of AZ walk.

Hustle is parallel to the bench moving forward right-left-right-left (tap) and moving back left-right-left-right (tap). All 8 counts are on the floor.

Over-the-top crosses the bench laterally, (you are still facing the left wall) right-left-right-left (tap) and back across, left-right-left-right (tap). Step up-up-down-tap, up-up-down-tap.

Teach a mambo first to introduce curb step, rock back and forth right-left-right-left (no tap here).