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This is not really a pattern. It is my format of "boxaerobics"

When I teach this class, I use a combination of boxing and sports conditioning drills. I find the participants love it because they can work at their own pace, and it different from the step and hi-low classes they are used to.

Part 1

Warm up/Learn the punches we will be using/go over terminology

For the punches, I use something called "pop" I have them stand in a right handed boxer's stance. When I say "pop" that means switch to a left handed boxer's stance by switiching which foot is front. They can either switch feet by hopping in the air, or by taking the foot that is in the front and moving it to the back.

To teach the punches:

I do the same thing with a jab power punch (1-2) combination, hooks, and uppercuts.

I teach slips and leans (emphasizing proper technique on the leans and reminding those with bad backs to do what feels comfortable)
I teach kicks slowly emphasizing technique over height of kick.
(I use mostly front kick and modified side kicks--I don't feel comfortable having an aerobics class do side kick that have them rotate on the knee or roundhouse kicks)

Part 2

The Drills

For the next 35 minutes or so, I use different drills. I vary the intensity and use an interval format.

I try to alternate each non-boxing drill with shadow boxing. Note: the following drills are in no particular order--only the order I am remembering them in to type them!

Part 3

Cool down
I usually reinforce the boxing moves--

They key things to remember and to tell participants:
They will feel silly with the punches - get over it and hang in there because you will get it.
Do what you can do and know your limits.
I always tell my people that if I forget to give a modification and the move isn't right for them--let me know then, so we can keep them moving.
Have fun!!!

If anyone has comments, I'd love to hear them!!!

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