Delicious Deltoids

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 2106)

This is a series of exercises to really get those shoulder muscles going!

You need a step and a set of dumbbells.

Then tell them to put down their weights quickly and pick up the top part of their step (works best with the green steps). Tell them to lift it above their head. From this position, have them take it from the highest position to half way to their head. So essentially you'll be doing half reps. (Make sure no one is resting the step on their head - people try to get away with this!!! :)) After the half reps, tell them to hold it half way. What I like to do is time this part and see how long we can go for. It gives us a goal to improve upon.

Another variation, if you don't have steps is to tell your participants to hold their arms out to their sides. I usually tell them to step touch or grapevine - to distract them from the WONDERFUL feeling in their shoulders. Anyhow, this can be timed as well.

* By pre-fatiguing the shoulders the second part (step over head/arms out to the side) feels quite good!

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