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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 2109)

All combos are 32 count and self-reversing

Combo #1

Combo #2

Combo #3

Combo #4

Combo #5

Combo #6

Combo #7

SAILOR SLIDE- step knee (stay on top) step other knee (still on top) take 2 steps off the side of the step.

L-BOX- right foot steps up, lift left knee (L-step). Left foot steps down, on the side, right foot crosses over the left foot, left foot steps back, right foot steps back and shuffle over to the other side of step on the floor on counts 7 and 8.

SHUFFLE TURN- gallop 2 peg legs and walk walk while turning to repeat it

REVOLVING STRADDLES- 2 8 counts straddles turning in a circle ..... with the right lead you will be turning left and the first straddle exits the front (you're facing the back wall) 2nd straddle exits to the back 2nd straddle also is right lead.

Hope I wrote it down right! Email with questions, it's no bother.

Have fun!

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From: Texarkana, Texas (USA)
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