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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 2118)

This combination is fun because it lets people (you know who I'm talking about) really get some lift off their benches if they want to. (But it's also good for lower intensity classes, too). It uses all sides of your bench and is pretty fast, so it's nice to add to the middle of a class.

Combo 1:

Combo 2:

Combo 3:

Tempo straddle (facing side of bench): right foot on bench (1), left foot stomps on floor (2), right foot touches down on front side of bench (3), left foot stomps on floor (still in same place it was when we started) (4), right foot back on bench (5), hop on right foot and low kick left foot at same time (6), left foot down on floor (7), right foot down on original side of bench (8).

Turnstep with lunges: right up(1), left up (2), right down (3), jump into lunge so that right foot is on top of bench and left foot is on floor in front of bench (4), jump again into lunge ending with left foot on bench and right foot on floor on original side of bench (5), keep left foot on bench and bring right knee up (6), exit right, left (7,8).

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From: Maryland (USA)
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