Four-Square Double Delight

This is a Quad Step pattern from (pattern 2175)

  ________        ________
 |        |      |        |
 | Home   |      |  Red   |
 |________|      |________|

 X <-- Begin here
  ________        ________
 |        |      |        |
 |  Jail  |      |  Green |
 |________|      |________|

Combo I:

Combo II:

Combo III: (stays on one bench only)

Perform combos I-III with right lead beginning on Jail instead.

To change bench orientation, perform this combo:

Perform Combos I-III with right lead starting on Red, then repeat with left lead on Green. Orientation combo with right lead on Red to return to Home and left lead.

Performance notes:

Double slice:

 ________ 3  4 ________
|     2  |    |  5     |
|  Home  |    |  Red   |
|__1_____|    |_____6__|
    x                 7 8

Revolving door: same as a reverse turn + regular turn, performed on a single bench. Pick it up from the Red bench.

Double turn-straddle (x 2): Left lead, begin on Green

 ________        ______8_
|        |      |        |
|   Green|      |  Jail  |
|__1__2__|      |__5__6__|
    x       3  4      7

 (Red)             (Home)

Turn diagonal: Green with left lead

Hop turn: Home with left lead

Straddle over: Begin OUTSIDE of Home

Mambo chasse: This one's tricky so listen carefully! :)
Right lead, inside of Jail:

Straddle over: Begin OUTSIDE of Jail

Curb Step: Begin with left lead INSIDE Home

Add a forward motion on beats 1-4, moving back on 5-8

Hop over and back/3 repeater ham curl: left lead on Home


Split T: a variation of Big T that travels from Home to Jail etc. Begin at Home with left lead with first 8 counts and travel back to Jail (right lead) for 8 more counts, then back to Home (16 counts altogether)

Ping-pong/diagonal to Red/3 repeater: Begin at Home, left lead. Alternating knees (or hams, glutes, etc.) Home 4 counts to Jail 4 counts, move diagonally to Red for 3 repeater (8 more counts, 16 total) Stay on Red and move body toward the left to begin Combos I-III (starting with double slice) with right lead.

This whole sequence is completely symmetrical and 32 count formatted. It's a lot of work to decipher but totally worth the effort. My class just loves it! I have a NEW email address below.

PLEASE, PLEASE email me if I can clarify anything! :)

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From: Tucson, Arizona (USA)
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