Ready, Step, Go!!!

This is a Warmup pattern from (pattern 2510)

Begin leading right:

You have now changed leads and are ready to begin step touch/grapevine to the left.

In the beginning you can obviously double the reps or number of each move. In the end, you can break it down more, but I just gave you the basic idea of somewhere in the middle. Hope you can use it - please feel free to send an email with any questions.

Explanation for Pump It Up:
Extend your arms overhead with elbows slightly bent and give little punches up and (lower) down (coming back to overhead starting position without dropping your arms). Each "pump it up" movement is a 2 count move- up is 1 and down is 2. When your arms are (more) "up", you are simultaneously lifting up on your toes (although not actually leaving the floor). Feet are together, knees soft.

I like this neutral movement because it easily allows you to change lead. For instance, if you pump it up 8x (total of 16 counts) you can begin to cue the step touch (for instance to begin the pattern going left) after the 4th punch up or so just by keeping your right arm going and extending your left arm out to the side. This way when you cue it, they already know which way you're thinking about.

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From: Little Falls, New Jersey (USA)
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