Anything Goes

This is a Cycling pattern from (pattern 2527)

This I used at the end of a class with about 3 minutes to go.

First, I gave everyone about one minute to recover and think of a resistence/cadence/position they wanted to do. Then, I went around to each person, starting with the person closest to me, and had them call out their idea. (ex., the first person said, "Level 8, slow seated climb!") We did each persons idea for 15 seconds. If someone's was very hard, I added a recovery for 15 seconds before going onto the next one. There was a lot of variety and I think they liked the chance to yell back at me for a change.

This is not something I use very often, the participants are there so that I can do all the thinking. But it is a nice change every once in a while.

I am unfamiliar with Keiser terminolgy. I do not understand "leaning over legs", etc. Do you guys think you could add some explanations?

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