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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 2558)

Combos are 32 count and self-reversing, step is horizontal, descriptions follow at the bottom.

Combo #1 (front approach)

Combo #2 (side approach)

Combo #3 (side approach)

Combo#4 (front approach)

Combo #5 (front approach)

Combo #6 (front approach)

Combo #7 (front approach)

Sailor Straddle:
Step 3 alternating knees on top of the step, straddle down left and right, leading left do the 3 alternating knees again facing the back wall and straddle down right left.

Walk the Plank:
Side approach - step up right [toes pointing to the left wall] then bring up left foot in front of the right one, such as walking forward on top of the step - then turn the other direction by turning on the balls of your feet bring up the right knee up on count 4, right foot down, left foot down, jumping jack. Cues like this: walk walk turn knee up down down jack

Jack Knife:
Step kick, lead taps front side of step, step kick tap down

Broken V-step:
One foot on the step and one on the floor:

x[x     ]     instead of     [x    x]

L Box:
Step knee like an L-step, knee lift leg steps on floor, right foot crosses over that foot, left foot steps back, right foot steps back and shuffle behind your step to the right on counts 7&8

Turn with Squats Kicks and Squats:
Call just a turn with squats and kicks---breakdown--start the turn-- Step up right left squat 2x, kick right, left, right on counts 6-10 2 more squats and right knee comes up to exit & to complete the turn. [all squats and kicks are performed on top of the step]

:) Patty

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