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Summer's here and water noodles can be found practically everywhere if your club doesn't have or use them. Water noodles are a fun (and cheap) way to add some variety, color and fun to your classes! Our club offers a Noodle class on its own however, most of our instructors add the noodle to their aerobic classes either for additional aerobics, toning or balance and stabilization exercises. Noodle exercises can be adjusted to the various fitness levels. There are some people though, who just don't like to take their feet off the bottom.

Jogging (music about 124-126 BPM or step tempo) - noodle in front of you:

Jogging (music about 128+ BPM) - noodle behind you:

Sitting on the noodle (like a pony):

If you have deeper water, go to an area where the legs can be straightened and the feet do not touch. Put some acceleration behind the cross country legs. This is really great for the hip flexors and glutes. I tell my classes that in the shallow end, we have the pool bottom to help us stop the legs' front/back motions. When we are suspended, it's up to them to use their own muscle control and to be aware of how far they can push it.

Sitting on the noodle (side saddle):

To cool down, we pull the noodles up under our arms (behind us) and lay on our sides:

By this time they are feeling deliciously tired and then we stretch using the noodles. It's a fun way to wind down class and introduce them to different "toys". I like to think that maybe they will take some of these ideas with them the next time they go to the lake or to the pool on their own.

I'd love to hear from anyone with Noodle suggestions of their own.


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