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This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 3485)

Your benches should be laid out like an inverted "L"
                  x bench #1
         bench #2 x

This is a good one to use in clubs where people don't want to share their space. You only use your two benches not a neighbors also.

Combo #1

(start with bench #1 in front of you and #2 to your left) Repeat starting on #2

Combo #2, #3, #4 flow one after the other, repeat after #4

Combo #2

Combo #3

Combo #4

Repeat Combo #2 on bench #2

Combo #5, #6 can flow together as a group or individually

Combo #5

(starts from #2 on the floor)

Combo #6

Combo #7 & #8 flow well together, or try Combos 5, 6, 7&8 together, then repeat.

Combo #7

Combo #8

(starts on the outside of the bench #2)

Step up right (1), step up left (2), make a jump shot while on bench (3,4), left off (5), right off (6).

Step-up right (1), lift left knee (2), step forward left (3), lift right knee (4), step in place right (5), lift left knee (6), step off left (7), step off right (8). Looks like you're marching on the bench, power-up with hops.

*Double turn:
Same as a turnstep, but using the corners of each bench where they come together. Much easier to say when queing.

       X x x

*Repeater knee turn:
Same as a repeater except you turn a little around the end of the bench with each knee.

*Tick toc with jack:
Bench is vertical and it's to your right. Pendulum up right (1), pendulum up left (2), pendulum right (3), pendulum left (4), off other side right (5), off left (6), jack (7,8).

I find in my one hour class I only have time to teach 3 to 4 combos. So I take the first 2 or 3 off after 2 weeks and tack on 2 or 3 to the end. That way my class knows part of the routine and is still has something to learn too.

If you don't understand something Email me I'll explaine it for ya.

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