Hang Tough

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 3505)

All combos start with a right lead

Combo #1

Repeat on left leg lead

Combo #2

Repeat on left leg lead

Combo #3

Repeat with left lead

Combo #4

Turn back and face the right wall to repeat with left lead

Combo #1 - the C-step can really get you pumped or you can keep it low. Right foot step up on 1, left knee lifts up on 2, left foot down on step 3, right knee lifts up on 4, right foot down on floor 5, left foot on floor 6, 1 jump jack 7,8. Actually this is a turnstep with 2 knee lifts of top, then the jack on the floor. To pump it up hop the lifts on the step.

Combo #2 is a pattern I got from someone on this site with a few minor changes, thank you!

Combo #3 - the over the top with a mambo is a little tricky, I usually preview it on the floor and place a step by the left wall of the room. It is a syncopated move...facing left wall, on top 1 and 2, right foot down 3 and left mambos across the front of right leg on 4...ready for next one...left goes straight from the rock, back to the step...no taps! I start with an over the top, then tell them to hold the over the top, run to my step at the left wall so they can see me, and then begin with the mambo. Some of my students feel like they don't have enough width on their step because the syncopation is so quick, but my advanced people love it...also helps to turn the body a little towards the front wall on the left rock, and of course to the back wall a little on the right rock or mambo.

Repeater swing, any repeater will work here, I just like it with the mambo move. Facing left wall 1st time, instead of lifting the left knee, swing the left leg front, then back, then front. There's a little pause in between the swings so I tell my advance they can either lift the heel of the right foot or give it a little hop for more intensity.

Double knee with step touch. You should have just finished your 2nd repeater swing that should faced the right wall, turn back to face the left wall, (both double knee step touches you will face left wall). Do your double knee 1,2,3,4, down 5,6, right foot steps over to the left 7, but not stepping over your step, behind the short end, then left foot joins it on 8... ready to do double knee with left lead, still facing the left wall... some people like to turn that step touch to the outside. Hope you understand this...it's tough to explain.

Turnstep with 2 lunges, just start your regular turn but on count 3 with the right leg, lunge it to the floor, then right knee up on count 4, lunge it again on 5, knee up again 6, step down 7,8.

Combo #4 - repeater hip rock, again any repeater will do. Step up 1, knee up on 2, foot down on 3, rock hip forward on 4, rock back on 5, knee up on 6, step down 7,8.

Jack knife is a V-step 1,2, hop in on top 3, knee you lead up with lifts up 4, lunges down 1x on 5, lifts up on 6, step down 7,8. I put in to get to a neutral position so that you can do the hustle move with the left leg going towards the right wall.

I know that I always take a long time to explain my choreography, but I get alot of positive feedback from some of you guys out there that agree with me, that it is sometimes hard to figure out where you are suppose to be. Thanks for the compliments, I love pats on the back, but my wonderful instructors and you guys give me the most help!

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