Messin With My Mind

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 3511)

Horizontal step, starting right leg lead! Each combo should be reversed to start left leg lead after right leg is done.

Each block is 64 counts!!

Block One:

Block Two:

  • Step right and left ham curl (2)
  • Turn over left shoulder to walk back 2 on the floor (2)
  • Step kick on floor, turn and walk 2 towards bench (4)
  • Step up right and tick-tock x3, straddle down (right, left) & up (right, left)
  • Lunge right, left, right push into back 1/2 hop turn
  • Facing front behind bench: up right, left & jack on top...right knee ends up in the air (4)
  • Rock down right (1), step left back up on bench (1), step up with right (1), step down with left (1)
  • Glute lift stepping right, glute lift left
  • Facing left wall, glute weave over right and back over stepping left (8)...glute weave is a glute lift hop & back leg comes behind to cross over the step. Then you travel (walk walk)
  • Step right and rocking horse (step ham, step knee) (4)
  • 1/2 Hop turn right
  • Syncopated over with hop-hop (8) (step up right (1), up left (1), down right (1), up left (1), up right (1), down left (1), hop together 2 x to face your right're now facing the back wall and start from the top, with left leg leading now)

    Block Three:

    GOOD LUCK!! I know it seems confusing and complicated, but once you learn it you've got it!! :)

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    From: Arlington, Virginia (USA)
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