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The jump I teach is to mimic a race senario. "Everyone ride at 30% tension. (10% to 100% 60% you have to stand.) We're going to start with "Speed Jumps." When I say, "Speed Jump" raise up to a good standing position, while simultaneously increasing tension to about 55%. Go to maximum speed and safely do high rpm's while maintaining a low flat back position, forearms are horizontal to the floor, your rear comes out of the saddle straight and a half inch above the saddle. (demo as you talk.) The standing portion of the jump is only 5 seconds. Then we lower are rear to the seat and continue the speed gained from our standing position. The seated portion is also five seconds. After the total of 10 seconds resume the original tempo, which should be around 75% of maximum heart rate. After a few jumps they will have to go to a lower and maybe longer recovery rate if they're maxing out the jump. Jumps are short and explosive. The other style of jump is "Hill Jump." Instead of the prejump tension of 30% we're seated and climbing at 40 to 50% tension. I'll say "Hill Jump" Do the same standing position, for 5 seconds but raise tension to about 65 to 70%. After the 5 seconds lower to the seat and maintain your rpm's for 5 seconds. Then drop tension back to prejump tension, and recover.

The hill jump is the same. Just change the scene and the tensions.

This drill can be integrated into all sorts of fun drill or scenarios.

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From: Wenatchee, Washington (USA)
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