Inner/Outer Thigh Work

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 3586)

Inner thighs:
Take a platform, depending on experience of participants, use no risers, one or two. Take a long tube and put it under one end of the platform (it will fit right under the gap of STEP risers, if you have Reebok platforms, it just goes under the end). Take the handles of the tube and place them over your toes nice and snug, hands behind your thighs, round your back and curl back onto platform. *MOST IMPORTANT* Knees are slightly bent and over your hips. DO NOT let your legs drift forward or you will compromise lower back safety. You can grab onto the backs of the thighs and hold them there without assisting in the move if the legs start to drift forward. Open on 1, close on 3 4x; 16 at tempo. Repeat.

Outer thighs:
Put tube in the arch of your feet, hold with one hand, with other hand, grab behind a thigh and curl back. Cross the handles into opposite hands and bring hands to outside of chest (tube will make an X in front of legs). Again, KEEP that lower back flat by keeping the knees slightly bent and over the hips. Open V3, close 1 4x, 16 at tempo. Repeat.

When I do strenghtening, I like to use music around 112-118 bpm, slowing it down helps to insure quality over quantity.

Keep smilin'!

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