Boom Is Bissy

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 3589)

Now we do the left part....still with me??
Let's go ... Repeat this little combo starting with left

*Superman jumps: (jump on right foot, lunge left leg high, jump on left foot, lunge the right high...etc) Make sure you don't forget the Superman fist in the air!!! and clap hand when you change legs.

Run around: First 4 counts punch the hands in the air the last 4 counts clap hands.

Jacks: Stretch hands beside when you jump out and hands flexed (hands under chin) when closed legs, strech them above when open legs and under chin again repeat this 2x makes 8 counts...

Please email me if you have any comments or if you do uses any of my ideas because I would like to know if I'm too soft on my class or boring???

A big beso from Mallorca for all those brillant people who send such good and nice ideas to turnsteppage!!!

It makes the live of a aerobic teacher easier !! I can tell you this!!

Besos Boom XXXXXXX

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From: Mallorca Island (Spain)
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