jmh "Breakway"

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The success of this drill is the teachers sarcasm about the "Friendly group Ride" in road riding all hills are ego contests and we all say before the ride lets take it easy. That never happens. Someone always takes off on some Testosterone Sprint. Give the class the background of the friendly ride gone bad so they understand the attitude of the drill.

I tell everyone "Hey let's go for a friendly group ride. Everybody up, stand in a moderate tension. Relax, enjoy yourself, your amongst friends." (Now explain how friendly ride turn into gnarly ego boosting gut wrenching sprint sessions) "You know this friendly pace can't last. Come on who's feeling squirrely. Who's going to try and drop us." (The experienced ones try to put on poker faces. The inexperienced ones are still believing its going to be an easy cruise with friends.) (remember everyone is standing waiting for someone to try and break away. The break away happens when someone sits down, and loosen their tension so they can unload a monsterous sprint. Everyone responds to the break by dropping to the seat and chasing the breakaway person. The person breaking away resumes a standing position in a moderate tension when they are tired or I tell them we caught your lazy BUTT! (I know my class!) I give occasional Chase commentary to create a scenario. Single out a student and tell them they are the only hope to catch the breakaway. The chaser now is back into the friendly group ride and we recover for as long as it takes for some animal to emerge. The breaks usually last 10 to 40 seconds the recovery last about the same. I use a five minute song. My explanation Prep take 30 seconds so they understands the attitude.

If Im not clear call me. I've got so many more drills. Give me a email if you want these formatted differently. God Bless

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