Kim W's Nov 98 Double

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 3603)

Steps are horizontal, one placed in front of the other, leaving 3 feet space in between steps. Start is at center, behind front step, right lead. Explanations for unfamiliar terms at are end. Enjoy!

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

Block 6

Ready to begin with left lead on front step! Fun routine that moves a lot, my students loved it.

Take a hike: step, step, step ball change (or a shuffle), will change leads automatically so you can begin with correct lead on the back step on inside.

Inside loop: turnstep, switch steps, turnstep, switch steps, like a big circle, end and begin on same step.

Power squat: squat on step and pulse X 3 counts, power over step on count 4, leave other leg on top to repeat on other side, end on top of step on count 4 to begin lunges.

Off-tempo mambo: beginning on front step (always), 3 count mambo on front step, 3 count mambo on back step, hold in center and clap X 2 to finish 8 counts total.

Alternating heels, step/floor: one heel on step, repeat other heel on floor instead of step, return back to step.

Ham straddle, ham turn: One is a regular ham straddle, the other one is a ham curl on the other side of the step, then turn on the floor so you are facing opposite wall you started your first ham straddle on.

Knees front-back-front: From a side approach (after ham turn), step up on step, opposite knee is facing one wall, turn body and other knee comes up facing other wall, turn again and bring up third knee facing other wall (all to side walls in room), then exit step to side after third knee lift on top.

Fly turn: Like a turnstep but with power and no tap down. Inside foot on step, hop back leg back (like a butt-squeeze), turn body and back leg hits floor facing other way (like you completed a turnstep), repeat with opposite leg.

Rock straddle: Like a push step on top of step, then straddle step, come back to top and rock again and straddle again, your repeater knee will then start after the second rock straddle.

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From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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