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10 sections - Cardiovascular and some weights included. You could change this around. Sometimes we focus strictly on cardio, other times we are working out at lower intensity. It all depends. All of my extremes include either, hi-lo, step, jump roping and lunges. All Boot camp style exercises are authorized exercises used by the United States Army. Look for instructor tip below.

Section 1

Using the step, 1 - 32 count, 1 - 64 count, self reversable patterns, all beginning with the right lead. I challenge all participants to use a 8" bench. The step section is designed to be used with power and simple combinations where they do not have to be broken down.

Combo 1 - 32 count

Repeat left lead

Combo 2 - 64 count

Repeat left lead

Section 3

Have them jump at their own pace. I have some pretty experienced jumpers in the class we kinda get competitive (all in fun). Be careful, heartrate shoots up quickly.

Section 4

Another exercise that gets the heart rate up. Stress is on the knees. Option is regular lunges switching leads. Feet stand shoulder width apart, jump in air with legs separating front/back in a lunge position switch as soon as you land into the lunge, push the body up switching lead legs. This is an advanced move we don't use any weights here. We will do this for a minute and then we will line up side by side and do high kicks the length of the aerobics room. Now I watch for form and no torqueing of the knee. I emphasize kicks are lifts. We alternate for 1 minute for a total of 5 minutes.

Section 5

Starting on one side of the aerobics room(let's say left) squat to the opposite side, on the squat when feet come together up on your toes to work the gastrocmenius. When you are squating arms go over head with shoulder press, then down by the side.

Section 6

Weighted ball (15 pounds), two lines and stand in front of one another about 2 feet apart. Throw the ball back and forth. You aim at the abdominal area. When you catch the ball the heaviness allows the abdominals to contract. Great, different way of working abs.

Section 7

Stand with feet hip width apart, position hands on the waist. Count 1, hands touch the side of the ankle, count 2 you are back in the starting position.

Section 8

8" step, place feet on the risers upper body is declining towards the floor. Advanced exercise here, we push for 3 sets 10 -12 reps

Section 9

Lay on your back, feet up at 6 inches, on count 1 legs open, count 2 legs close, count 3 legs open, count 4 is 1. The cadence is 123, 1; 123, 2. etc.. I will play with this by slowing the cadence down or speeding it up. Option is a regular crunch.

Section 10 - Cool Down

Fitness instructor Tip: Why do clubs schedule classes on the hour, knowing that it takes at least 10 minutes for the class to be complete with talking, putting away equipment, etc.. We had such a problem at our club with this that I talked with the coordinator and she finally changed the schedule. Now when the class comes in, (it was a 6:00 class, now it is 6:15) they set up their equipment and talking is limited, but the confusion isn't their anymore. I felt good, because I really believe that all participants deserve professional service. I come in, get my microphone, greet/screen my class and we are moving. It used to be I would have to really get rude with the class that was leaving and say, you've had your workout, I'd like to give my class theirs (never would I say that but similar). Participants are paying for a service and they should receive that service. I've been in many clubs where starting on time doesn't bother instructors. It is very unprofessional to act as if your paying particiants think it is o.k. for you to start late. If you asked them, they would say they would rather start on time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Email me for great choreography, all levels. Look for my Choreography Newsletter/Website coming soon.

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