Follow up for 12 Around and Ski

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 3614)

New Combos Part 2:

Combo III: 32 counts, maintains lead

Step kick and cross comes from a Petra Kolber video. It's only 6 counts, but 3 lunges/knee up adds another 10 counts to make it 16. Break it down by going from 3 repeater corner-to-corner to a 2 repeater. (Temporarily goes off the 8 count, pick it back up by doing 2 repeater twice then a basic) Face the front of the room with the bench vertically in front of you. V jack is based on 2 V-steps. The key here is getting the correct knee up on beat 6. It's the same as the lead leg, so if you lead left, it's the left knee.

Double chug, a.k.a. 2 half steps or 2 rock steps according to some people. You can break it down by doing a mambo/knee up.

Combo IV: 32 counts, maintains lead

6 turn is a syncopated move. Face the front with the bench vertically in front of you. For variety, right foot can touch down on opposite side of bench

Walk the plank. For best results, students have learned a 3 repeater push over (See 12 Around and Ski) Approach (at the "X") from the END of the bench.

    |6        |
    |3,4___1,2| X

  • Beat 1: Right foot up
  • Beat 2: Left knee up, prepare to move forward on the bench
  • Beat 3: Left foot on bench, moving forward
  • Beat 4: Right knee up
  • Beat 5: Right foot down
  • Beat 6: Right foot hops up on bench preparing to cross the top
  • Beat 7: Left foot down
  • Beat 8: Right foot down and tap

    Big T
    8 counts only:

    2 Repeater knee 2/jog on top is a variation of a 3 repeater knee. Bench is vertical, approach with the bench in front of you.

    Combo V: 32 counts, maintains lead

  • U-turn
  • Hustle or AZ walk
  • Double knee around
  • Diagonal loop

    U-turn, a.k.a. U-step, horseshoe, turn-straddle-turn. You can substitute a straddle over (a.k.a. indecision) instead. Begin by facing the front of the room with the bench vertically in front of you.

  • Beat 1: Right foot up, beginning the turn
  • Beat 2: Left foot up, continue turning
  • Beat 3: Right foot down
  • Beat 4: Left foot straddles down
  • Beat 5: Right foot up, now you're facing the back of the room, begin turn
  • Beat 6: Left foot up, continue turning
  • Beat 7: Right foot down
  • Beat 8: Left foot down, tap down 8 count hustle on the floor up and back, or do Arizona Walk with turn on the floor. It's important to realize the hustle works perfectly if the AZ walk presents too much turning (especially on the heels of the U-turn)
        |         |
       7,8,1    2   3
    Because of all the turning involved, you don't really want to do the AZ walk over and over. I throw in two over-the-tops in between to break it up.

    Double knee around, loosely based on a 3 repeater. Approach from the side.

      7 |         |
      6 |_1-4_____|
    For a little flair, add a spin on beats 5-8. When you lead left, begin the spin toward your left. Two over-the-tops work well in the breakdown of this move as well.

    Vary the over-the-top to complete the combo as a diagonal loop:

         3,4______      _________
        |  2      |    |  5      |
        |______1__|    |_____6___|
  • Beat 1: Right foot up
  • Beat 2: Left foot up, crossing diagonally
  • Beat 3: Right foot down
  • Beat 4: Left foot down, turn on the floor
  • Beats 5-8: Same as 1-4, returning to original position Just as with 12 Around and Ski, a lot of this is visual, and if you can wade through this, your class will love you! Good luck!

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