A New Type of Crunch

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 3629)

This isn't all that new; but, it provides some interesting variations on that old, classic crunch:

You will need a Dynaband/Resistance Tubing/or a towel.

Have class lie on backs with knee bent and feet on floor. Fold band/tubing/or towel in half, hold the band/tubing/towel in hands about shoulder distance apart, palms facing up toward ceiling, arms long. (I cue it"You're hanging on a rack").

Crunch up. As you're crunching up bring both knees in (or you can lift one at a time), you try to place band/tubing/towel on the shin or ankle (if advanced). Then you lower back into starting position.

This is an Excellent Crunch variation. Because the arms are a long lever, it really works those abs. Just remind your classes to keep back glued to the floor and to take it slow!

This site is a Godsend... I have gotten so many great ideas from everyone... Thanks to all who contribute!!! :)

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