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Been out of the loop the last couple of months (I feel very guilty). Anyway... it's HARD to get back into it, especially with a NEW class. Needless to say- very easy with lots of embelishing!! I think I got just about everything in some from or another from this page. Feel free to ask questions.

Block 1:

Block 2:

Block 3:

Block 5:

Block 5:

Block 1: Begin facing the front of the bench.

3-Beat turnstep: Begin the same way you would a normal turnstep. When you arrive at the other side of the bench DON'T place that last foot on the floor. Beat #4 is with that same foot on the bench (begin turning back to the starting point). Beat #6 both feet are on the floor, hop twice & clap your hands.

Buttox hop over: Travel in the same direction you would if you were still doing the over the top. Opposite foot of the lead leg does not touch the bench, do a buttux (superman) instead.

Step touch on the bench: I got this one from this page I don't remember the name I remember is was something like 45 minutes of kick butt step.

Give a call about any other questions. Turnstep RULES!!!

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