TKO Aerobics #2

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 3351)

This is one complete kick boxing routine. I teach 3 different techniques/combos and them weave them together. I use rest & recovery periods between combos to make the class interval training. During this time, we lunge or squat, or I may preview the next combo/directional move we may be doing.

Shadow Boxing Combo

Total - 64 counts

"Stick & Move" * Combo

Total 32 counts

Kick Boxing Combo (shown as a left-handed boxer)

Total 32 counts

*Stick & Move (Kathy Smith's Aerobox Video demonstrates Stick & Move explicitly)
Feet and hands move independently, so you propulse forward on count "and 1", then you throw the hook when your feet are still on count 2. You can substitute this with a fencing jab moving forward if you do not want to do the Stick & Move)

**Elbow Strike and a kick - As a left handed boxer, step forward on right leg, throw an elbow strike off the back arm, while stepping forward into the elbow strike (counts 1-2). Step back on the left leg and front kick with the right leg (counts 3-4). Avoid the "teeter-totter" affect!

***I have also seen this called a Roundhouse kick.

I teach the Shadow Boxing as a left handed boxer, do a short rest and recovery period while explaining the "Stick & Move" then teach the Stick & Move as both right and left handed boxer ending up in the right handed boxer position. After a short rest & recovery period, I teach the Shadow Boxing as a right handed boxer. Then I weave the two together and go through it a few times. I use a heart rate check as a rest & recovery period before Kick Boxing, then teach the Kick Boxing Combo both right and left handed boxer since it is self-reversing. When finished, I weave all three techniques together and go through the routine as a right and left handed boxer once or twice. I usually finish class with speed bag and uppercut flurries.

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From: Martinez, California (USA)
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