Holli's Hellacious Double Step

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 3370)

These double-step combos are done with the steps in vertical position.
                         front of room

                         XX          XX
                         XX          XX
                         XX          XX
                     S   XX          XX
S=starting position standing parallell to the bench facing the front of the room.
CB=change bench (obviously if you are given the cue to change bench, you move to the bench you are not on - duh! - eliminating the need to name your benches!)
?=more detailed explanation given at end

1. (32 counts)

2. (64 counts)

3. (32 counts)

4. (32 counts)

5. (32 counts)

???? - More detailed explanations:

Combo #2: Indecision lunge = up-up lunge left, right, exit left.

Combo #3: Turnstep grapevine = turnstep with right lead on bench, grapevine on the floor with your back to you bench.

CB walk around 6 steps = this is a total of eight counts. Your CB counts as two steps plus your 6 steps around the bench equals 8. You end up facing the back of the room at the back end of the bench.

Combo #4: Turnstep double lunge = do a turnstep with a right lead, keep your weight on the bench, do two quick lunges back with your right foot, then tap off.

NOTE: All of these can be done with a right or left lead If you have trouble figuring out some of the steps, email me and I will send you a diagram showing foot placement and direction of travel. Have a hellava great time!!! (Double-step is one of our most intense and mentally challenging classes - go for it!!!)

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From: Vernal, Utah (USA)
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