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This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 3384)

This aqua combo segment is very popular with my water fitness classes. I usually add it in at the end of my 40-45 minutes of cardio workout. We can usually finish up the music tape with this combo.

I call it my sport segment because I have them doing different moves comparable to all kinds of sports.

Depending on the time you have left for the class, you can usually do each segment 2 or 3 sets of 8 counts.

1) Basketball Dribbles

Jogging in place, push arms down at sides like dribbling basketballs at sides. Jog for 6 and on 7/8 shoot and score with accelerated jumps out of water and shooting ball toward hoop. They love to shoot water up on me on the deck..

2) Beach Ball Jacks

Jacks in place, with arms out wide. Move arms in and out but pretend there is a huge beachball in front and you can't touch your fingers together. Repeat behind back.

3) Soccer Kicks

Kick legs side to side facing front and push arms out in front to protect as ball is coming toward you. You are the goalie.

4) Football Jogs

Start out slowly and build up to double time jogs. Jog wide like in the tire run and turn right/front/left/front

5) Down Hill ski

Side to side moguls. Arms push front to back as holding ski poles. I make woosh, woosh sounds as we move

6) Karate Kicks

Step, kick, step kick 8 count to front. Retreat back with quick jogs as to escape. Repeat again. Then add level 3 suspended karate kicks for several sets alternating legs. Make sure they give the holler to make sure they are breathing

7) Boxing Jump Rope

Pretend you are Rocky and jump rope, slow, quick, simulating having a jump rope in hand. Try to get knees up high. Yell to keep them moving.

8) In-line Skating

Wide jogs swaying arms in front/ side to side. Bend forward like speed skating.

9) Baseball Stadium Waves

Level three (suspended) tread water. Start out with legs and arms. Then tell them arms only and finally the wave, legs only, arms are in the air like the wave. This is very intense and most will only be able to hold for a few seconds. Practice. My students could not hold this move very long but we try to practice every class and they are doing great each time holding more counts. Remind to hold in the abs. Really helps the move.

10) Cheerleaders

You can't have sports without the cheerleaders. Start them with legs aparts, wide stance. Count to 3 and plyometric jump bring feet together and arms in the air.

I hope you enjoy this segment as much as we do.

Hope to hear from any of you with more combos and ideas. I love to try new moves on my classes.

Nothing is worse than teaching or participating in a boring class.



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